When she was good, she was good.

Elizabeth Harding, the perfect, polished daughter of politicians, plays by all the rules. Or so it seems. Tired of a lifetime of denying her passionate nature, she’s created an alter ego. As Tess, Elizabeth is able to safely and secretly indulge all of her wild fantasies—even if that fantasy is financing a private club of pleasure.

Driven and ambitious, Luca Santos has clawed his way from rags to riches. His boss’s daughter has tempted him for what seems like forever, but he’s known that the pampered princess probably wouldn’t be down with his dirty ways. Elizabeth is sweet, innocent, demure…so what’s she doing sneaking around a place that revels in sexual abandon?

One night. So many ways to ruin a person.

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When she was bad, she was better. 

Elizabeth Harding is determined not to let Luca Santos get in her head or her bed ever again. Even if he does seem ready to play all her favorite games, he’s still the same ambitious man he’s always been—and she’s still the boss’s daughter.

Luca’s a man who gets what he wants, and what he wants is Elizabeth. He knows she’s hiding secrets, but he’s never been one to shy away from a challenge. He’ll show the mysterious temptress exactly what she’s missing…and that he’s not so easy to scare off.

Note: Stay My Fantasy is the second (and last) title in the Fantasy Series. Be My Fantasy is the first title. It’s best to read these two books in order.

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If you’re curious about Elizabeth/Tess, she made a brief appearance in A Gentleman in the Street. You do not need to have read A Gentleman to read this book. If you want to refresh your memory, Tess is in Chapter Seventeen of that book. On the stage.  😉