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“The story is an erotic romance but the eroticism was baked into the storyline.” ~ DearAuthor, on Play With Me

“There are a couple of things that really stand out about this trilogy. First, it’s very, very sexy. Wyatt and Tatiana like to play in the bedroom, and they are never boring. Tatiana has a great sense of humor throughout this series, which really endeared me to her. And my favorite thing is that these two characters are mature. Yes, they have to work through issues and sometimes the going gets bumpy, but they figure things out like adults.” ~ Risk and Reward and Bet On Me, recommended on USA Today Happily Ever After Blog

“This trilogy is a good one for people who don’t like cliffhanger endings but do enjoy a series that follows one couple.  Each book leaves you in a good place but one where you know more will come.  I enjoyed the Bedroom Games series a lot.  It also helps that there are some super sexy times in each book.  Boy, that Wyatt….he is a dirty one!” ~ FictionVixen, on Bet On Me